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Hi friends and welcome to the Arise, Beloved blog. We have an amazing team of writers behind this blog and our desire is to speak truth into the lies that cripple us and shine light into the darkness that isolates us because we believe that now, more than ever, the Church desperately needs women to be restored so that the world can be set ablaze. Our hope is that you find comfort, solace, and peace in knowing that you are not alone, you are not too far gone and there is ALWAYS hope to be found. 

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To the sister with an aching heart, to the sister who is tired of waiting, You’ve heard the words said a thousand times before and I say this knowing it to be true because I’ve read them before, too. And nothing soothes it, does it?  Nothing quenches that ache within your chest that just never […]

To the Sister with an Aching Heart, To the Sister Who is Tired of Waiting

Shelby Hawks, Soul

There’s a very beautiful prayer (often attributed to St. Anthony of Padua, but no one knows who wrote it), called “Be Satisfied”. The essence of the prayer is seeking to be satisfied with Jesus, and once you are satisfied, and both of you are ready, He’ll lead you into a relationship with your future spouse. […]

Relationships Aren’t a Reward for Holiness

Anne Marie Schlueter, Body

Do you ever feel like seasons in life are nothing but a never-ending cascade of disappointment? Yeah? Me too. This past year I was dating a guy who I thought was THE guy. We were steadily making plans to get engaged in the near future. Then I moved to New York for work in the […]

The Great Let Down

Gabriella Gagliano, Mind

The other night I was reading St. Maria Faustina’s diary and I reached the part of the book where she documents the Divine Mercy Novena.  The Lord speaks to her and says for her to bring Him the people who are pagans and do not believe.  The Lord goes on to tell her that He […]

A Glimpse of His Mercy

Kateri Leonard, Soul

• From the desire of being loved, Deliver me, Jesus. • This line from the Litany of Humility has always perplexed me. To be honest the first time I heard the Litany of Humility, I was disgusted. It cut into my pride, the sin most deeply ingrained in our human nature. I wasn’t deeply rooted […]

The Desire of Being Loved

Body, Jacque Anderson, Trust

In today’s episode, we welcome our first guest of season two! Annie is an amazing young woman who unexpectedly found herself pregnant earlier this year. Despite her fear and anger, Annie chose life and came onto our podcast today to share how God has used her baby boy to save her life and give her […]

S02 E04: Expectant Hope with Annie Walters


There is a trend on tiktok (yes, I’m on tiktok…) called “You Have To.” The videos start with a few notes from a harp and someone saying “you have to…” Each video has different content, but the format is the same. The person speaking will say what people have to either start or stop doing […]

You Have to Stop

Megan Byers, Mind

Ok, here’s something that’s been weighing on my heart lately Do you ever find yourself doing holy or spiritual things….and yet somehow have never felt FURTHER from God? Yes? Well that’s been my spiritual life lately. I’m great at cranking out rosaries, listening to Catholic podcasts, reading awesome literature by all my favorite holy dead […]

To Be

Gabriella Gagliano, Soul, Trust

“Whoever said our bodies are strictly ours?” (see Part 1) I am a dependent creature. We all are. God is sustaining us—thinking of us—holding us together in every moment. He is the Creator, I am creature. In this dependency rests the reality that “I am not my own.” I am created for another—for others—for Him. […]

Our Bodies and Food, War and Triumph: Part Two

Body, Mary Dufresne, Restoration

Let’s talk about creativity, and cut straight to the chase: You are creative. You are creative, because your Heavenly Father says you are. You are creative, because He’s made you in His Image and Likeness. And who is He? He’s Creator. So, the created is also gifted the ability to create. Authentic creating requires the […]

A Theology of Creativity

Anne Marie Schlueter, Mind

There is just something about the changing of the season—as all that is green and bright is transformed into radiant color that awakens the still soul inside.  The monotonous green countryside becomes a rainbow of golden delight, as reds, oranges, and fierce yellows pierce through, calling for us to notice that the world is ablaze. […]

Awake, Autumn Soul

Shelby Hawks, Soul

Too many of us have wrestled with receiving the body we have been given.  I have a theory that if the Father truly revealed to each one of us how He intended our individual bodies to look—many of us would disagree and still try to argue what we believe our bodies ought to look like. […]

Our Bodies and Food, War and Triumph: Part One

Body, Health, Mary Dufresne

In today’s episode, we continue with our “Stories in the Middle” series with listening to our founder, Mary Kate Anthony’s, journey of finding freedom and healing from sexual addiction. Mary Kate shares how she believes that when it comes to sexual sins and wounds, women need self-compassion and community more than anything else and that […]

S02 E03: Self-Compassion & Sexual Addiction with Mary Kate Anthony

Mary Kate Anthony, Podcast, Season Two

A lot of the time I think that The Lord expects more from me than He really does.  I push myself to grow and to forage through difficult times only to condemn myself for not doing enough or not being good enough.  I find that I push myself to grow all at once; setting standards for my abilities […]


Freedom, Kateri Leonard, Mind

The other night I was sitting out in my backyard, staring up at the stars.  I was gazing into the darkness and fascinated by the millions of stars that filled its blackness with faint light.  It beckoned my eyes to gaze onward, to see into the vastness of my Creator. I was struck, sisters.  Struck […]

Known By Him

Shelby Hawks, Soul