We also believe that we each have a story to share and that the Lord uses our stories to bring healing and freedom to others. However, often we can feel oppressed & ashamed while we are in the midst of our story and believe that we cannot share them until we have reached the other side victoriously. We say to ourselves, “surely God can’t use me to bring healing to others when I am still so broken myself?”

But what would happen if we started telling our stories in the middle? What if we were willing to share exactly where we are at with all the messy, broken, and wounded parts that entails? There is a dangerous lie that tells us we have to struggle alone and that this space in the middle is not meant to be shared and that grace can only be found once we have overcome our struggle. But it is time to rebuke that lie because it is precisely in our brokenness that God desires to show up and restore us - and if we allow him, others too.

If you feel called to share any parts of your story and heart with us, please reach out below!

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