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Hi friends and welcome to the Arise, Beloved blog. We have an amazing team of writers behind this blog and our desire is to speak truth into the lies that cripple us and shine light into the darkness that isolates us because we believe that now, more than ever, the Church desperately needs women to be restored so that the world can be set ablaze. Our hope is that you find comfort, solace, and peace in knowing that you are not alone, you are not too far gone and there is ALWAYS hope to be found. 

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|| Part One || Last week I shared Part 1 of my series “Divorced from the Reality of Death”. I talked about how with the ability to “control” death comes the danger of being controlled by a fear of death. And the danger of placing all of our trust and security in the shaking foundation […]

Divorced from the Reality of Death Part Two: Light of the World

Mary Kate Anthony, Narrow Way

“‘Once you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord’ (Eph. 5:8)…It is in Jesus Christ that you learn to walk always with your eyes open and to direct your gaze always towards Him.” – Bishop Bossuet Before You, we walked with our eyes closed because it did not matter.  Open or closed, […]

The Invitation to Open Our Eyes

Freedom, Shelby Hawks, Soul

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I just lay still and watch the light stream through the windows. It comes pouring in slowly and then all at once. The gentle rays touch the darkness around and bring a golden glow to it—and it vanishes. It washes back and forth, its brightness fighting with […]

A Reflection on Light

Shelby Hawks, Soul

Hello dear friends and welcome back to SEASON TWO!!! Kateri and I are so excited to get this season going and to see what the Lord is going to do over the next few months!  While this introductory episode does not explicitly introduce the theme that the rest of the season will be following (we’ll […]

S02 E01: Choosing to be the Light in Social Media

Podcast, Season Two