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Hi friends and welcome to the Arise, Beloved blog. We have an amazing team of writers behind this blog and our desire is to speak truth into the lies that cripple us and shine light into the darkness that isolates us because we believe that now, more than ever, the Church desperately needs women to be restored so that the world can be set ablaze. Our hope is that you find comfort, solace, and peace in knowing that you are not alone, you are not too far gone and there is ALWAYS hope to be found. 

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What is your favorite season?  I always thought I was a fall gal. Oversized sweaters, hot cocoa, pumpkins, the crisp, cool air, colorful leaves. With the major holidays just around the corner, there is this sense of returning home, comfort, leisure that hangs in the air. Not only did I prefer the season, I wanted […]


Megan Byers

To preface this reflection, I am a New Orleans girl and I make King Cakes between the start of the new year, right up until Ash Wednesday. It’s a traditional cake and to go back to it’s Christian-Catholic roots, the three colors — purple, green, and gold — represent the three wise men and the […]

Mary, Martha, & The Balance

Kateri Leonard

This week we welcome Laura Tremblay, a Catholic Life Coach for young women and the founder of the Beloved Collective, to share her story with us on Arise, Beloved. Laura has had a deep love for a theology of the body and specifically, the role of women in the Church since she was young. After […]

S02 E05: Finding Peace in Suffering with Laura Jean Tremblay

Podcast, Season Two

A lot of the time I think that The Lord expects more from me than He really does.  I push myself to grow and to forage through difficult times only to condemn myself for not doing enough or not being good enough.  I find that I push myself to grow all at once; setting standards for my abilities […]


Freedom, Kateri Leonard, Mind

Guest Author: Bridget Nohara By now, we’ve heard it so many times that it’s begun to ring through our subconscious, “these are unprecedented, uncertain times”. In a matter of days, our cozy (albeit sometimes wacko) world took a nosedive to a place we’ve never been, and frankly, didn’t want to go. Kids home from school. […]

Out of the Dust

Arise Stories, Guest Author, Soul

Shelby Hawks I think there is something very powerful hidden in the idea that everything is ordained by the Lord.  There is a security evoked, a comfort bestowed, a mystery understood. It is something I have been meditating on in this current season of my life—a season characterized by waiting, by lots of unknowns, by […]

All is Ordained

Shelby Hawks, Soul, Trust