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Hi friends and welcome to the Arise, Beloved blog. We have an amazing team of writers behind this blog and our desire is to speak truth into the lies that cripple us and shine light into the darkness that isolates us because we believe that now, more than ever, the Church desperately needs women to be restored so that the world can be set ablaze. Our hope is that you find comfort, solace, and peace in knowing that you are not alone, you are not too far gone and there is ALWAYS hope to be found. 

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|| Part Two || On January 1st of this year I was driving on the Baltimore beltway and the electronic signs over the highway (the ones that pre-covid were only used for traffic updates and emergency messages) were all sharing a brand-new message in bright orange letters: “New Year. Same Mission. Zero Deaths.” I did […]

Divorced from the Reality of Death Part One: Science is Our God

Mary Kate Anthony

A little over a week ago, on a very snowy night, I was in my first ever car accident. For years I have prided myself on being an excellent driver, no speeding tickets, nothing. But I certainly was humbled in that regard this particular night. Thankfully no one was hurt and no other cars were […]

Surrendering Materialism

Maria Powell

I recently picked up the book I Believe in Love by Fr. Jean C. J. D’Elbee, and what providence that the Spirit led me to pick up this book, because Jesus has led me into a space of complete abandonment.  I am not sure that I would have understood this radical call to let go […]

Called to Abandon

Shelby Hawks

Have you ever really thought about the weight of Mary’s yes? What all her yes entailed?  What all that yes cost her, or could have cost her? As a child, I remember always having this certain image of Mary in my head. She was almost more of a robot than a human being. I was […]

A Selfless Yes

Gabriella Gagliano, Trust

“Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” – Matthew 7:13-14 A few weeks ago in […]

The Narrow Way

Mary Kate Anthony, Narrow Way

“I must not have done enough, but I feel as though I have nothing more to give.” I want to be brief on this topic.  This topic of giving everything but feeling that you have done nothing.  So, I’ll start by observing dried lavender. I highly recommend keeping dried lavender on hand. For starters, not […]

May That Be Enough

Mary Dufresne, Soul

My life is ordinary. In comparison to past seasons of my life and current seasons my friends find themselves in, my life is ordinary.  I am captivated by the idea that, as Christians, our lives should look different, radical, even a little crazy. But here I am, stuck in ordinary time. I don’t mean this […]

Ordinary Time

Megan Byers, Soul

This week we welcome Laura Tremblay, a Catholic Life Coach for young women and the founder of the Beloved Collective, to share her story with us on Arise, Beloved. Laura has had a deep love for a theology of the body and specifically, the role of women in the Church since she was young. After […]

S02 E05: Finding Peace in Suffering with Laura Jean Tremblay

Podcast, Season Two

There is something that I love about mornings.  I’m the type of girl that loves letting the morning sun pour in through my windows, the type to wake up extra early to enjoy an extended period of prayer time and coffee.  I haven’t always been like this, in fact, when I was growing up, mornings […]

New Love

Kateri Leonard, Mind

My dear sisters, it is so good to be here with you again, sharing the thoughts and wanderings of my little heart.  I invite you to enter into this space with a prayerful heart, calling to mind the reality that you are held in his merciful gaze. Recently, my little heart has been stirring rather […]

Lay it Down and Rest

Shelby Hawks, Soul

I am familiar with being told “no.”  I am familiar with rejection. Usually, a few weeks after an interview, in a well-crafted email designed to make me feel better, but most recently over the phone.  After delivering the bad news, the man I had been in contact with throughout the application process said, “I know […]

I Can’t Handle It

Megan Byers, Soul, Trust

// Shelby Hawks // Take a moment to call to mind the great mystery, tension, and pain of surrender. There’s always that moment, the one you know well.  That moment when the dust settles in the fading light and you are left alone in the room with Him.  You are left alone with the sound […]

On Surrender, a Handing Over

Shelby Hawks, Soul

// Shelby Hawks // Recently, the Lord has led me to rediscover the beauty of simple litany prayers.  I have been in a time of transition for a few months now, and it has been a test of faith, of patience, and of insurmountable trust in the Heart of God.  During this time, I have […]

Head to Heart: Litany of Faith in the Father’s Care for Me

Mind, Shelby Hawks

// Anna Boehk // This is my prayer of surrender. I went out several days ago and bought plants – cheery ones, tall ones, already blooming. I tutted over the different choices. Which colors do I want? Which would grow well together? Do I get enough sun in my little corner of the world for […]

Deliver Me

Anna Boehk, Body, Freedom, Trust

// Marianna Schmiesing // I was talking to a friend recently, and he said, “We go to dark places when we’re by ourselves.” Now, he, like me, tends toward the melancholic. We wander into those dark places a little more frequently and a little more willingly than others.  But I think wandering into the dark […]

Lost in the Dark

Marianna Schmiesing, Soul, Trust