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Hi friends and welcome to the Arise, Beloved blog. We have an amazing team of writers behind this blog and our desire is to speak truth into the lies that cripple us and shine light into the darkness that isolates us because we believe that now, more than ever, the Church desperately needs women to be restored so that the world can be set ablaze. Our hope is that you find comfort, solace, and peace in knowing that you are not alone, you are not too far gone and there is ALWAYS hope to be found. 

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Dear friends, I have been reflecting upon the springtime, and how within this season, there is such truth about life with Jesus.  He is always about work in us, though it is not always visible.  He is always bringing about new life, though it is not always felt.  He is always near, though his presence is not always […]

There Is Resurrection Here

Shelby Hawks

“I feel like if I just went back to school, all of my problems would be solved.”  “Really? How many problems would that solve exactly?”  “None…”  This was an actual conversation I had with my sister. It left me feeling raw and exposed.  My sister is honest, not fearful of hurting my feelings, and will […]

Feeling Raw

Megan Byers

I was recently married 10 months ago and it has been a lovely experience that I would not trade for the world.  I love my husband and the life we are building together.  We have our hopes and dreams and plans and we are trying our best to let God lead us to His will, even if […]

My Invisible Struggle

Guest Author, Health, Restoration

I am one of those people who starts projects, thrives off of excitement, and gets stuff done.             I also am acutely aware of my tendency to lose excitement, let frustration deeply affect me, and procrastinate when excitement is gone. All in need of constant conversion, constant seeking of excellence.             Within the last year, I’ve heard […]

Feeling Stuck

Anne Marie Schlueter

There has been a phrase that I have been struggling with lately and I finally brought it to The Lord hoping for some consolation. I’ve been hearing the Gospel of Mark being thrown around and used as a justification for things that are occurring today. Mark 12:31 talks about how the second greatest commandment is […]

Unmasking Fear

Kateri Leonard

“That’s not the kind of God I am.” I was watching a video from the Metanoia series by Fr. Dave Pivonka recently, and that line struck me.  He was speaking into the question Jesus asks his apostles: “Who do you say that I am?” We all have an adjective, an image, an experience, an idea […]

The Kind of God He Is

Shelby Hawks

Never try to grab for a falling flat iron. Just let it fall.  You may be laughing at those words; I get it, they are ridiculous. Perhaps you’re nodding your head with understanding, phantom pain emerging on a wrist or fingertip. Personally, as I’m writing these words, I am struggling to hold my pen with […]

Let It Fall

Megan Byers

A little over a week ago, on a very snowy night, I was in my first ever car accident. For years I have prided myself on being an excellent driver, no speeding tickets, nothing. But I certainly was humbled in that regard this particular night. Thankfully no one was hurt and no other cars were […]

Surrendering Materialism

Maria Powell

It wasn’t supposed to be this way, I said to the Lord in prayer a couple weeks ago. I was sitting on my bedroom floor, looking out of my window into my swampy backyard. My thirty minutes of daily prayer– finally stopping long enough to let my heart breathe, I realized I’d been saying, “it’s […]

Emotional Honesty

Anne Marie Schlueter

I recently picked up the book I Believe in Love by Fr. Jean C. J. D’Elbee, and what providence that the Spirit led me to pick up this book, because Jesus has led me into a space of complete abandonment.  I am not sure that I would have understood this radical call to let go […]

Called to Abandon

Shelby Hawks

I haven’t used my instagram account in about 4 months.  I can only last about 5 minutes on facebook before the endless feed of accomplishments and updates from people I haven’t spoken to in years becomes too much. It’s hard to hit the “like” button on posts that make my covetous heart ache.  I didn’t […]


Megan Byers

“‘Once you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord’ (Eph. 5:8)…It is in Jesus Christ that you learn to walk always with your eyes open and to direct your gaze always towards Him.” – Bishop Bossuet Before You, we walked with our eyes closed because it did not matter.  Open or closed, […]

The Invitation to Open Our Eyes

Freedom, Shelby Hawks, Soul

“Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” – Matthew 7:13-14 A few weeks ago in […]

The Narrow Way

Mary Kate Anthony, Narrow Way

Over the past few months, I have been rereading the book “I Believe in Love” by Fr. Jean C. J. D’Elbee. This powerful book is one of my all-time favorite spiritual reads and I cannot recommend it enough. It has entirely transformed the way I view the spiritual life and the love and mercy of […]

Gratitude and Abandonment

Mary Kate Anthony, Mind, Soul

What do Saints Anne and Joachim, Our Lady of La Leche and Creighton fertility all have to do with each other? They all play a beautiful role in Melissa and her husband’s journey with infertility and pregnancy. Today we welcome back Melissa Tablada, a marriage & family therapist, an NFP instructor, a soul core leader, […]

S02 E07: NFP & Infertility with Melissa Tablada

Podcast, Season Two