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Hi friends and welcome to the Arise, Beloved blog. We have an amazing team of writers behind this blog and our desire is to speak truth into the lies that cripple us and shine light into the darkness that isolates us because we believe that now, more than ever, the Church desperately needs women to be restored so that the world can be set ablaze. Our hope is that you find comfort, solace, and peace in knowing that you are not alone, you are not too far gone and there is ALWAYS hope to be found. 

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// Megan Byers // You know what’s getting really old? Comparison. Why do we do this ladies? Why? Why, when we look at other women, do we see all of the things or attributes or opportunities we do NOT have? Why do we hold ourselves up to the light to check for our flaws? Why […]

Learning to See the Gift

Megan Byers, Mind